Innovative technologies managed by local entrepreneurs

Focus on water, sanitation and agriculture

Practica is a non-profit technical advisory organisation that aims to strengthen skills and tools in low- and middle-income countries. We develop and promote affordable technologies with a high potential to improve livelihoods. We integrate technical innovations into business models to ensure sustainable water, irrigation and sanitation access.

Practica is based in the Netherlands and Madagascar. We implement technical innovations with partner organisations in over 20 countries. We have witnessed the impact of local enterprises and support them by exchanging knowledge, networks and practical tools. Not only that, but we invest in applied research and product development to contribute to continued innovation and more adapted solutions.


We believe that local enterprises can provide the most sustainable, affordable and adapted services to people that are in need of safe water, energy and sanitation. The technologies they use make a key difference in reaching underserved groups: smallholder farmers, inhabitants of slumps or communities in rural areas. Working towards inclusive and sustainable access requires adapted technologies, tools, trainings and support mechanisms. This is why we innovate continuously, together with a wide range of local and international partner organisations.  

  • Research, consultancy & advice

  • Local enterprise development

  • Technical training

  • Technical design & innovation

Our innovations

Designing new products and adapting existing technologies to a specific local context are at the core of Practica.
We work on applied research in our workshops in the Netherlands and Madagascar, with quick feedback loops to the pilot fields and partners in the project countries. This is how we test and improve the performance of our tools and  technologies. We focus on affordable technologies that can be maintained and repaired locally, and accessible information that is easy to put into practice.

PuPu pump

The PuPu pump is a technology that improves the safety and efficacy  of pit emptying in dense urban areas. 


The zainer is simple machine to support climate resilient agriculture. It allows to easily and quickly made Zaï holes.


The TokenTap is a simple and mechanical prepaid technology to facilitate drinking water supply in rural and (peri-)urban areas.

Project locations

Since 2001, we have gained experience and shared red knowledge in over 25 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Our team is composed of staff members and consultants working from our offices in the Netherlands and Madagascar or from project locations in a range of countries in Africa.

Map of countries with experience and projects running in 2022

They work with us