PRACTICA foundation

Despite the huge need, the technological means that can help the rural poor to improve their own livelihoods are not available or simply non-existent. It is against this background that PRACTICA foundation was established. PRACTICA foundation aims to facilitate research, development and commercial application of technology in the field of water and energy in developing countries.

PRACTICA has become a valued partner in large development projects that include the introduction and dissemination of appropriate technologies as manual well drilling and rope pumps. Within these projects, PRACTICA supports the technology components and implements training courses and capacity building for the public and private sector.

Other areas of work include product development, applied and scientific research, feasibility studies and consultancy services.

—————————– NEWS —————————–

26/02/14 The WaterCompass: a novel tool to guide your water technology selection
In collaboration with the Dutch WASH Alliance, PRACTICA has developed the WaterCompass. This online decision-support tool can be a great help for an easy and transparent initial selection of potential water supply methods. Applicable in the planning phase of water projects, the WaterCompass aids participatory decision-making for the identification of appropriate water solutions for asset-poor areas. Try it out on www.watercompass.info and experience how multidisciplinary information on almost seventy water management methods can support sustainable water supply. Any comments or remarks are most welcome.

04/02/14 What exactly we are doing?
Check out our facebook page for pictures of our work straight from the field and workshop: www.facebook.com/practicafoundation

21/01/14 Funding awarded for Bangladeshi piped water project
Funding for the first phase of a novel piped water solution is awarded to PRACTICA and partners. This project will involve the concept design and validation of a flexible and low-cost piped water system for low-income settlements of Bangladesh. > Read more about the piped water project

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