The WaterCompass is a very practical drinking water decision support tool. It is developed in the framework of the Dutch WASH Alliance and it contains a large knowledge base with water technologies including information on the FIETS aspects (financial, institutional, environmental, technical, social). Based on a series of context factors of the project area, suitability indications are given for all technologies and methods. From the basic information, the tool gives a lot of additional explanations and external links.


  • To offer structured information on a wide range of water technologies
  • To contribute to a more objective technological selection process
  • To contribute to improved resilience with the application of more appropriate water technologies


  • Development of a water technology database for use in developing countries.
  • Development of suitability criteria for technology selection processes.
  • Full development of the online WaterCompass tool with the help of external software experts.


The project is financed by the Dutch WASH Alliance.


The novel online tool to guide the selection of water technologies is now available. Check it out on www.watercompass.info

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  • WaterCompass
  • WaterCompass
2012 - 2014