Water and sanitation programme Benin

Within the large Water and Sanitation programme of the bilateral cooperation of Benin and the Netherlands (PPEAII), PRACTICA works together with the Danish consulting group COWI on technical assistance. Main topics include solar energy for drinking water, water metering and sanitation management.


  • Strengthening the capacities of the executive and beneficiary structures for water and sanitation in Benin
  • Sustainable increase of access to drinking water in rural areas
  • Improvement of access to sanitation in urban areas


  • Urban sanitation, development of the faecal excreta and sludge management component of the Parakou Sanitation Master Plan
  • Technical assistance and reinforcement of the capacities of the Direction Générale de l’Eau and the municipalities for solar powering of village water supplies
  • Training of private and institutional operators in the WASH sector: water point managers, drilling companies, pit emptiers, government water offices
  • Publication of technical manuals on the design and management of solar water supply and efficiency of water metering


2013-2015: € 177,000


  • Improved sanitation management strategy for Parakou
  • Selection of rural water supplies with good potential for solar power
  • Guidelines for tendering of solar water supply works
  • Training module on water metering for small piped water systems
  • Water system managers trained on water metering
2013 - 2017