WASH Alliance programme Mali

During the first stage of the WASH Alliance programme in Mali, PRACTICA explored opportunities for development of low‐cost access of shallow groundwater. Developments in the security situation lead to a change of geographical and technological focus.

PRACTICA has joined hands with RAIN foundation to focus on developing the rainwater harvesting and water storage potential using the 3R approach (Recharge, Retention and Reuse of water).


  • To give technical support to DWA Mali in the implementation of 3R approach and to identify suitable technologies in the project area
  • To support local DWA partners in planning and proposal writing for a pilot with underground basins


  • Identification / evaluation of 3R measures
  • Diagnosis of sites for the rehabilitation of micro-dams
  • Innovation / training on the rehabilitation process of micro-dams
  • Assistance in the implementation of rehabilitation works
  • Assistance in setting up the monitoring&evaluation system of the impact of rehabilitation works


€ 125,000


  • Improved designs for basins and micro-dams
  • Succesfull transfer of the PVC thermo welded technique for underground basins and the rehabilitation of micro-dams
  • Advice and training on the installation of PVC liner at micro-dams for improved aquifer recharge
2011 - 2016