Toolkit development for the professionalization of manual drilling in Africa

The potential for manual drilling in Africa is enormous, but the introduction needs to follow certain steps for it to be adopted and scaled in a sustainable way. Learning from experiences in the past, collecting best practices, and developing a strategy that can be used by countries that want to professionalize manual drilling was the key afford in developing a toolkit for the professionalization of manual drilling. The dispersed information has been evaluated and written in a series of manuals, notes, video’s that highlights and finally combines the most essential subjects on manual drilling in an understandable language and training format. A large number of copies have been printed and shared with the UNICEF country offices.

You can use the PRACTICA Library or the Unicef toolkit page to get access to these documents.


The overall project goal is to create a sustainable knowledge base and capacity building tool for existing and starting-up manual drilling (related) enterprises and for NGO’s and governments to support the needed building blocks. This will increase the quality for the creation of sustainable water points and development of a sustainable private sector.

Specific objectives for the development of this knowledge base:

  • To update the existing training manual on geo-hydrology ‘Understanding Groundwater and Wells in Manual Drilling’, and rota-sludge drilling
  • To develop new technical manuals on specific low cost manual drilling techniques (jetting, percussion and augering),
  • To create a knowledge base to support quality assurance and good management among drilling enterprises, including topics related to financing, business skills.
  • To develop promotion and advocacy material such as technical notes, feasibility maps of 12 African countries, case studies.
  • To transfer complex expertise/vocabulary into understandable skills/language to local organizations and the local manual drilling sector.


  • Desk study
  • Field studies
  • Expert interviews
  • Data processing
  • Toolkit development


180,000 euro


A complete toolkit for the professionalization of manual drilling in Africa, including the following manuals:

  • Professionalizing Manual Drilling
  • Financing Options
  • Business Management
  • Understanding Groundwater and Wells
  • Drilling Manuals (Hand Augering, Jetting, Percussion, Sludging)
  • Mapping for Suitable Zones of 12 Countries in Africa
  • Technical Notes and Case Studies
  • Advocacy video

The separate manuals can be found at

2009 - 2010