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Testing of small irrigation engine pumps

iDE has identified a large segment of small plot farmers who highly desire an affordable irrigation engine pump. In many regions and countries that iDE operates engine pumps are in limit supply, oversized and/or high in cost. There are numerous Chinese suppliers who claim they can provide the target size engine pump at competitive price. To support the dissemination of engine pumps iDE wants to identify a reliable engine wholesaler that can deliver dependable quality and versatile engine pumps worldwide.


The objective of the research was to test a non self priming pump purchased through the company Sino Titanium & Alloy Co. Ltd located in China. The pump purchased is the WP50B(30) Gasoline Water Pump powered by a 2.0 kW petrol engine.


Comparative quality and performance testing for several similar sized pumps, with a test setup measuring

  • Total dynamic head
  • Discharge
  • Fuel consumption converted to specific fuel consumption
  • Engine/pump revolutions


€ 10,580


  • Pump curves (total dynamic head vs discharge) compared for 3 pumps
  • Comparisons on fuel consumption and efficiency are made
  • Pumps in the fields are being used at a lower yield than the most efficient range.  It might be interesting to work on the introduction of smaller engines for irrigation.