Technical Business Training on Solar Irrigation Pumps

SOLAR DEVELOPMENT PLC aims to provide rural households with sustainable renewable energy on a private basis. Currently they aim to expand their offer with solar agricultural products. They have selected the Sunflower irrigation pump as the most promising solar technology and are connected to its manufacturer, Futurepump Ltd, in India. With the introduction of this pump, they contribute to the alleviation of poverty and chronic food insecurity in Ethiopia.

With the help of the Nuffic Netherlands Fellowship Programmes Tailor-Made Training programme, PRACTICA supports SOLAR DEVELOPMENT in their needs for the strategy for the Sunflower pump. Focus is on technical expertise about the pump and strategic marketing.


  • Technicians have internalised the information on the Sunflower pump and have taken up responsibilities within the company according to their specific field of excellence (solar circuits, pump, hydraulics, etc.)
  • Technicians have become comfortable in particular services related to the Sunflower pump and have engaged in corresponding duties accordingly (e.g. customer service, field diagnose, reparations, spare part management)
  • The organization has decided upon the basic elements of the marketing strategy, and has defined the steps to be taken to finalize this strategy and bring it into practice
  • Clear definition of roles and relation towards supplier (Futurepump Ltd) and end users


  • Technical training (details about Sunflower solar pumps and troubleshooting)
  • Field training (pump installation & operation)
  • Marketing training (sales, planning, procurement)


€ 47,848

2016 - 2017