Sustainable Local Supply Chains for Hand Pumps in Africa

UNICEF is active to increase the percentage of functioning community water supplies in rural areas through the application of improved policies and practices. For this purpose UNICEF carried out a study to map out the African Hand Pump market and to investigate different procurement options for increased supply chain sustainability (African Hand pump Market Mapping Study, 2009). Based on this study UNICEF is exploring opportunities for developing in-country inspection and testing capacity, a country-based quality assurance strategy and the conduction of an economic study to determine cost components and cost structure. UNICEF therefore seeks assistance to design a concept note or roadmap that will address Quality Assurance, Pre-qualification, Local Procurement, Capacity Building and Communication.


Prepare guidelines for local procurement of hand pumps designed to optimize the chances of obtaining good quality hand pumps and an assured provision of spare parts.
1. Establish a quality assurance mechanism and a pre-qualification scheme
2. Develop tools for Local Procurement
3. Develop a capacity building plan and a communication strategy.
UNICEF is looking for clear tools that will help guide UNICEF staff and governments to select the most suitable procurement strategy and to implement this strategy accordingly.


  • Research, interviews and literature review
  • Writing of 5 guidelines / documents
  • Review and communication


20,000 euro


  • Guideline on Pump Selection
  • Guideline on Local Procurement
  • Guideline on Quality Control
  • Communication Strategy
  • Capacity Building Plan