Study on low-cost sanitation chains for Madagascar

Only 34 % of the Malagasy population has access to improved sanitation facilities for human excreta disposal. The aim of the Madagascar Action Plan (MAP) is to increase this percentage for the rural population to 68% in 2012, in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals. To strengthen UNICEF with knowledge on appropriate sanitation technologies, PRACTICA has conducted a study on low-cost rural sanitation chains.


  • To identify and determine the low-cost sanitation technologies, their ownership and the various social and community approaches rely implemented by operators in the sanitation sector Madagascar, to support the Malagasy government in achieving the objectives of the Madagascar Action Plan (MAP) to conduct sanitation infrastructure


  • Identification of operators in the sanitation sector
  • Listing of appropriate technologies
  • Conditions for latrine ownership cheaply by people


18 598 $US


  • A directory of business operators sanitation available SEO appropriate technologies
  • A set of operational data sheets defining criteria choice, the principle, construction, operation, maintenance and technology its cost;
  • A synthetic categorization technologies and processes.
  • Several studies of synthetic case based on successful experiences
  • A summary of household surveys on the conditions of ownership technologies. The recommendations of the synthesis technologies interesting and way of ownership (cost and methodology)
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