Handpump Sustainability

Handpumps, especially communal handpumps, are known of being out of order every now and then. Many people complain about the low sustainability of water services from handpumps. PRACTICA did a thorough problem analysis regarding handpumps and their sustainability. In a second phase a study was done on innovative management models for handpumps. The collected information is a basis for further collaboration with partner organizations in the professionalization of handpump management in Africa.


  • To get a better understanding of the challenges regarding handpump sustainability.
  • To get a broad overview of ongoing field activities regarding the professionalization of handpump management.
  • To develop partnerships with other organizations to work on handpump sustainability.


  • Problem analysis regarding handpumps, based on literature review and input from partner organizations.
  • Collection of information regarding innovative management models for handpumps, based on online searching, contact with RWSN and comprehensive conversations with series of implementing organizations.
  • Contribution to development of prepaid systems for handpumps.
  • Dialogue with partner organizations to jointly work on the professionalization of handpump management.


  • Desk-study on handpump sustainability problems.
  • Desk-study on innovative handpump management models.
  • Concept note for professionalization of handpump management in Africa.
2012 - 2014