Salt workers economic empowerment program (SWEEP)

The Salt Workers Economic Empowerment Program (SWEEP) is a collaborative project of the Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) and the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) designed to improve economic opportunity and empowerment for women salt farmers and introduce sustainable energy solutions to lower production costs so that the poor too can benefit from “green technology.”
Capitalizing on sustainable technology and production methods, improved links to high‐value markets and greater local control of energy costs, SWEEP gives women producers the tools, access and voice to better realize profits and achieve their personal and community livelihood goals. (SWEEP Project proposal).


  • The aim of the study was to identify opportunities to improve the livelihood of the salt farming families inthe Little Rann of Kutch desert, focussing on reducing fuel expenses for water pumping, preferably beintroducing renewable energy technology options.


  • Identify locally appropriate and cost‐effective technological solutions for improving salt production and reducing cost of inputs (replacement of diesel pumps with more effective and environmentally sustainable technological solutions).
  • Identify locally appropriate and cost‐effective mechanism for leveraging new technologies in order to improve farmers access to utilities and infrastructure.
  • Complete a comprehensive analysis of the cost associated with maintenance and continued operation of new technologies and production methods.
  • Assess existing local capacity for construction and implementation of new technologies.
  • Identify appropriate long‐term financing mechanisms for technological investments.
  • Assess local policy or administrative barriers to scaling up salt production and exports.


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