Strenghtening latrine emptying services in Parakou

Faecal sludge management in Parakou is an important health and technical challenge, and sustainable solutions remain to be invented. Each year, more than 5,000 m3 of fecal sludge is handled in an anarchic way, buried in the yards or spread in the wild without any control.

Rare are the households for which truck emptying is appropriate, either for technical reasons (pumping impossible) or financial (too expensive). Also, the development of alternative emptying solutions is needed in an environment marked by a very low financial capacity of households.

It is in this sense that the Municipality of Parakou, DCAM and WASTE support the emergence of new emptying services in partnership with the Association of manual emptyers of the city of Parakou. Services with lower investment costs, capable of serving single-pit latrines, ensuring maximum hygiene and affordability.

Practica intervenes in technical assistance alongside the Municipality of Parakou, WASTE and DCAM to optimize the alternative emptying techniques used, train the emptyers, the managers of emptying services and the municipal staff in charge of the monitoring and control of the faecal sludge management.


  • Make the existing emptying service more operational
  • Support the partners DCAM and WASTE in the drafting of the strategy for strengthening the private sector of sanitation in Parakou


  • Training of the emptiers in the realization of hygienic and efficient manual emptying
  • Theoretical training on the management and control of an alternative emptying service
  • Advice on the management and promotion of an alternative emptying service (business plan, advertising …)
  • Supporting the drafting of a strategy for strengthening the local private sector


The project is part of the Dutch Wash Alliance program.


  • 4 emptiers are trained in practice on the realization and marketing of improved emptying services
  • 8 emptiers, 2 agents of DCAM and the Municipality of Parakou and 1 adviser of WASTE (Auguste Kessou is an independent consultant, contracted by WASTE for a determined period) are trained on the principles of implementation and control of the operations of emptying hygienic
  • Appropriate technical solutions and approaches (commercial and social) are proposed to develop private initiatives in the field of fecal sludge management in Parakou