Quality improvement of Volanta pump production in Niger

Since groundwater levels in Niger are situated at a relatively large depth, Volanta pumps are a suitable technology for its rural drinking water supply. Last years the number of non-functioning pumps has increased due to fabrication insufficiencies and a lack of spare parts from the right type. As a response, the direction of the ACREMA production plant approached PRACTICA for an intervention to improve the quality of works.


To improve the quality of the Volanta pump production in Niger.


  • Identification of needs expressed by the ACREMA production plant in Tahoua
  • Development of a customised training programme
  • Three-week intensive training to improve the fabrication and commercialisation of Volanta pumps.


€ 47,000


  • Pump producers and maintainers have been trained in: Computer skills, Technical drawings and the use of AutoCAD-LT, and Application to tenders.
  • Government officials have been trained to evaluate the state of water points and control reparations.
  • Both officials and artisans have participated in a workshop on specific types of Volanta pumps for particular systems, and recent innovations on the Volanta pump.
  • Technical drawings used by the production plant have been updated and improved.
  • The spare parts catalogue and manual for the fabrication, installation, operation and maintenance of Volanta pumps have been renewed.
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2009 - 2010