Program of professionalization of manual drilling in Madagascar

This program aims to expand the supply of drilling services, professional, competitive and reliable to enable accelerated development of drinking water infrastructure in rural Madagascar.

With a duration of 9 months and intervening in 3 regions (Boeny, Analanjirofo and Androy), Private Sector and Regional Directorate of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are trained to achieve the objectives.


Potable water :

  • 74 new drinking water points in previously unserved rural communities spread across the 3 regions of Madagascar
  • The new water points serve 11,100 inhabitants of the beneficiary communities

Private sector:

  • A further 10 companies are able to obtain and manage domestic drilling markets through the manual method of Rotary Jetting

Institutional support:

  • The technicians of the 3 DREAH are able to ensure the documented quality control of the manual drilling carried out

Sustainable Management:

  • Study on the design and management of modular mini-AEPs


  • Selection of 10 SMEs belonging to the 3 intervention regions of the program (Boeny Region – Anosy Region – Analanjirofo Region) and its surroundings
  • Technical training in manual drilling
  • Entrepreneurship Training: Business Training and Bidding Response
  • Training of 3 technicians from the 03 DReah to controls and supervision of manual drilling site following the standard and standard manual drilling
  • Conducted a study on the design and management of modular mini-AEPs


  • 10 SMEs are trained and able to obtain markets at national level
  • 7 Dreah technicians are trained
  • 62 new water points in the 3 regions are being built, serving more than 11,100 beneficiaries
  • The 3 DREAH were trained in the use of an electric sounding kit and equipped with Bedrock Kit
2017 - 2018