Low cost wells in Rural Zambia

This program is a collaborative effort of PRACTICA and UNICEF to make available the local capacity to drill affordable but high quality wells in Zambia. It is a program of professionalizing manual drilling as is being rolled-out in other parts of Africa. The services are offered by locally based enterprises that are trained and coached in a 2 year program. The program works on a country wide capacity building program that incorporates quality controllers, local tender procedures, workshops, sector NGO’s, government departments and suppliers.


  • Enabling small enterprises to offer high quality services for well drilling at low cost
  • Drill 120 wells for villages that in difficult to reach areas in Western Province and Luapula Province such as floodplain borders and islands


  • Capacity building of 12 small scale drilling enterprises and sector related businesses
  • Guiding Unicef, Wateraid, Village Water and Government in rolling out a professional manual drilling sector
  • Local manufacturing and sourcing of drilling equipment
  • Quality control and certification
  • Marketing of businesses


Unicef with support of the Dutch Government made available an estimated budget 1,5 mln USD. PRACTICA is managing a budget of 250.000 USD


  • 12 enterprises selected and trained in various hand drilling techniques
  • Geo-hydrology, well installation, marketing and tendering to 6 enterprises
  • Standards and quality control introduced
  • Local tools manufactured
  • Drilling team
  • Fabrication of drilling bit
  • Drilling logs
  • Business skills training
2012 - 2014