Energy for hospitals

Many rural health centres in Ethiopia lack the energy for basic needs such as lighting, sterilization, cooling vaccines and storage. Most facilities depend on generators or in case of sterilization, kerosene heated steam pans. Renewable energy solutions could provide more reliable and low-cost health care services to rural areas. However, energy demand and the availability of energy are not congruent. The transformation of thermal solar, solar PV, wind, water or bio energy into electricity and back again into heat or kinetic energy is long and inefficient. As a solution this project has specified the energy demand and made a direct connection between the specific demand and the locally available energy. PRACTICA has developed a new technology, a modular system in order to provide renewable energy in a cost effective and affordable way.


  • To provide fit for purpose renewable energy systems for health facilities, schools and other institutions at 50% of the current annual (diesel generator) cost.


  • Market study concerning energy use and future energy needs of health facilities.
  • Develop the design and prototype of all new technologies that will be installed.
  • Purchase and install machines, tools and equipment for a production hall and learning facilities.
  • Train people for construction, installation and use of steam generator and installation and use of autoclave, wind mill and solar PV system.
  • Select, appoint, and train five resellers and maintenance contractors.


€ 437.887


  • Three steam generators and Solar PV systems and two windmills are functioning.
  • Local capacity has been built to produce and maintain the most appropriate technologies.
2009 - 2011