Drops for Crops; Improving water-use efficiency in North Burkina Faso

Woord&Daad has started implementation of the Drops4Crops project in the North of Burkina Faso (Yatenga/Zondoma) since September 2017. This project is expected to be implemented for the next 7 years (2017-2024), and starts with an inception phase of 1 year. The project has the following scope: 1,600 smallholder producers have access to functional and improved water points for agricultural production, through which they realise a 34% water efficiency increase for their production; they are facilitated by a pool of independent irrigation service providers from whom farmers buy appropriate irrigation equipment and agri-inputs.

PRACTICA has been involved by advising on the water technology component in the strategy. During the inception phase the objective is 1) to prepare the D4C implementation on the selection of (tailor-made) water technologies, 2) prepare CSF as important supply chain facilitator for playing its role well in the intervention and 3) fine-tune and testing of pumps and applications to be introduced.


The project purpose is to  implement  integrated water resource management measures and efficient water use in water-challenged North Burkina. In effect, this will boost water efficient off-season horticulture production for 1,596 smallholder vegetable producers (SVPs), among which 63% vulnerable smallholders and 49% women. We do this through investments in sustainable access to water and facilitating a critical service package for SVPs providing credit for investments in water-efficient tech, climate smart agri-training and secured land access. Access to a vegetable growth market is secured through organized value chains. In total at least 19,172 rural poor benefit from this project directly.


  • Inventory on improved access to improved water technologies in target area (specifically 2 selected production sites)
  • Improve access to technology
  • Strengthening Business partner
  • Program support, reporting & backstopping


€ 64,000 for inception phase