Project Initiated Languages
Technical Business Training on Solar Irrigation Pumps 2016 English
Introduction of solar pumps for irrigation in Burkina Faso and Niger 2017 French & English
Manual well drilling in Central African Republic 2016 English
Feasibility Study on manual drilling in Kenya 2011 English
Training on low-cost drilling and handpumps 2008 English
Local production of Volanta pumps in Senegal 2009 English
Manual drilling in Mauritania 2015 English
Manual drilling in Ivory Coast 2012 English
WASH Alliance programme Mali 2011 English
Innovative sanitation services for Bamako 2016 English
WASH Alliance program Uganda 2011 English
Manual drilling in Togo 2009 English
Feasibility of manual drilling in South Sudan 2016 English
Renewable energy for smallholder irrigation 2013 English
Testing of small irrigation engine pumps 2012 English
WASH Alliance programme Nepal 2011 English
Low-cost water technologies in Mozambique 2013 English
Low-cost drilling for drinking water in Mali 2013 English
Low cost drilling in Malawi 2013 English
WASH Alliance program Kenya 2011 English
WASH Alliance programme Ghana 2011 English
Ethiopian pump standards – Review and way forward 2015 English
Water and sanitation programme Benin 2013 English
Renewable Energy Project Nepal 2007 English
Evaluation of catchment basin design and water quality in southern Madagascar 2010 English
Training Manuals Update – Rope Pump & Rota-sludge Drilling 2010 English
Promotion and dissemination of small-scale irrigation technologies 2007 English
Affordable water supply with manual drilling in Uganda 2009 English
Geohydrology training in Senegal 2010 English
Water Control Technology Design and Development 2007 English
Volanta training Burkina Faso 2005 English
Start-up filter production and dissemination North Bengal 2005 English
Sustainable Local Supply Chains for Hand Pumps in Africa 2010 English
Training and survey filter production Cambodia 2004 English
Rope pump demonstration in Ethiopia 2004 English
Development of a new low-cost solar collector for driving small solar steam pumps 2009 English
Toolkit development for the professionalization of manual drilling in Africa 2009 English
Pilot emergency rotary jetting kit 2015 English
Smart Water for Agriculture Kenya 2016 English
Scaling up Manual Drilling in Liberia 2009 English
Solar powered alternatives for conventional irrigation pumps 2015 English
Introduction of solar irrigation pumps 2013 English
Flood wells feasibility study in Mozambique 2014 English
Training on small-scale piped water supplies 2015 English
Training on rope pump manufacturing in Madagascar 2009 English
Study on low-cost sanitation chains for Madagascar 2008 English
Feasibility mapping for low-cost water technologies 2008 English
Testing the Capstan kit in Madagascar 2015 French & English
Strenghtening latrine emptying services in Parakou 2015 French
Bedrock low-cost siting kit 2015 English
Feasibility study on micro-irrigation for vegetable growers 2008 English
Small stream surface irrigation in Mauritania 2007 English
Exploring the scope of low-cost drilling for communal water supply 2008 English
Training on water low cost technologies and construction of water points in Vangaindrano 2008 English
Low-cost water and sanitation in northern Madagascar 2007 English
Salt workers economic empowerment program (SWEEP) 2010 English
Energy for hospitals 2009 English
Quality improvement of Volanta pump production in Niger 2009 English
Low-cost technologies for multiple water use 2007 English
Training on rota sludge drilling for companies in Madagascar 2006 English
Fuel efficiency pilot, North Bengal 2008 English
Handpump Sustainability 2012 English
Ceramic water filter research 2007 English
Rehabilitation of impluvia with PVC liner 2008 English
Feasibility study rope pumps Pader district, Uganda 2009 English
Animal driven deep well pumps in Ethiopia 2006 English
Training in applied hydrogeology for manual drillers in Niger 2008 English
Manual drilling in Chad 2005 English
Fecal sludge management in Tamatave – Madagascar 2013 English
PWB (Piped Water Bangladesh) 2013 English
ASTRA-Bangladesh 2013 English
Sunflower steam pump 1990 English
Introduction of manual drilling sector in Guinea 2011 English
Low cost wells in Rural Zambia 2012 English
S(p)eedkits 2012 English
Fuel efficient pumpsets for salt farmers in Gujarat, India 2010 English
WaterCompass 2012 English
WASH Alliance programme Benin 2013 English
Flood wells in Ethiopia 2012 English