Affordable and functional rural water supply


PRACTICA Foundation combines  low-cost rural water supply technologies with innovative management strategies. We work in more than 20 countries to tackle inefficiencies and ensure rural water services are affordable and sustainable.

Our distinctive team of engineers, finance and water management experts develop tailor-made solutions that match the local context, conduct research and feasibility studies and provide hands-on training and workshops in the following three areas:

  • Insight in the costings and revenues of rural water supply

PRACTICA developed a ‘water business case tool’ to guide effective decision-making and provide insight in potential funding gaps and opportune scale of operation. The business case calculates expected water consumption/sales and the costings of construction, maintenance, operation and disposing capital assets over the system life cycle.

  • Affordable water supply design and technology

PRACTICA Foundation developed solar powered modular piped water systems that unlike traditional systems grows with demand. This means that the piped water systems are constructed to match current demand and can actively grow and expand coverage as demand necessitates from generated water revenues. The tapstands are fitted with prepayment systems.

Crucially, the modular piped systems enable both service up-scaling, as well as a realistic route to transition from handpumps to a piped water supply with tapstands and household connections.

Other PRACTICA technological innovations include the Volanta pump and the Volanta solar pump.

  • Sustainable rural water supply management and effective governance

PRACTICA works on sustainable rural water management approaches whereby local actors can independently and successfully operate and maintain rural water supply systems. Our approach, termed WaterTime, combines innovative pre-payment and monitoring technologies with external support services and comprehensive management training and tools for enterprises, entrepreneurs, associations and government actors.

Together with Susteq Ltd. we developed a pre-payment and monitoring system that is tailored to boreholes with a handpump. The technology is also applicable on tapstands and ensures a standardised pre-payment system for different water services, enabling management at scale.

Next to the GSM enabled pre-payment technology, PRACTICA developed a coin based water dispenser for taptands.


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