The Netherlands

Alida Adams

Alida Pelgrim-Adams, MSc

Project engineer Drinking Water

International Land and Water Management (Wageningen University BSc) and Water Management / Drinking Water Engineering (TU Delft MSc). Within PRACTICA focus on sustainability of rural water supplies (mainly hand pumps) including innovative management models and online technology decision support tools.

Berry van den Pol

Berry van den Pol, MSc

Project engineer Water and Irrigation

Water and irrigation specialist with a focus on solar irrigation, manual drilling, low-cost geophysics and business development. Berry has a background in water management (Wageningen University) and rural development (Montpellier SupAgro) and currently participates in the Dutch young expert programme (YEP). He contributes to assessments, trainings and business linkages in a range of countries in West and East Africa.

Erik van de Giessen

Erik van de Giessen, MSc

Senior Advisor Programme Development

MSc International Water Management / Irrigation Engineering at Wageningen University. 20+ years working experience predominantly in WASH Projects and programs, of which 12 years in developing countries  (Lesotho, Niger, Nicaragua). Extensive additional knowledge about capacity development, organizational development and health issues. Working experience in the Netherlands as Programme Officer and Coordinator for health and WASH programs in Ghana, Zambia and Uganda.

Currently liaised to Practica Foundation as Advisor, mainly about program and partnership development concerning solar irrigation and solar drinking water systems.

Gert Jan Bom

Gert Jan Bom, BSc

Solar pumping expert

Mechanical engineer with over 40 years’ experience in Africa, Asia and the Netherlands. Passionate designer of tailor-made solar water pumps for irrigation, drinking water, wetland management and drainage. His designs are based on a sustainability perspective that translates user requirements and financial capacities into appropriate technical solutions.

Herman Jansen

Herman Jansen, MSc

Project coordinator

Extensive experience in product development and general management in the chemical industry as founder, managing director and owner of a business in coated anodes. Now within PRACTICA working on ceramic water filtration and reverse osmosis with focus on knowledge sharing and R&D activities.

Ilja van Kinderen

Ilja van Kinderen, MSc

Project engineer Water and Energy

Project engineer. Worked for 10 years at different engineering consultancy firms of which the last 5 years for PRACTICA. He has a background in mechanical engineering and policy analysis. By linking NGOs, research institutes and commercial enterprises he aims to bring viable product concepts to the market. The hardware that he developed is aimed for the emergency sector. His emergency rotary jetting kit is now available in the Oxfam catalogue and an innovative solar based product for refugee shelters will be on the market by the end of 2016.

Jan Nederstigt, BSc & MSc

General Director

General Director at PRACTICA. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering with a master in Development and Rural Innovation from Wageningen University. Next to the overall management of the Foundation, he is bringing in 15+ years of experience with design and application of different (including appropriate) technologies, of which 10 years based in the Netherlands and 2 years based in Ghana, India and Sri Lanka. The main technical focuses within PRACTICA are on rural drinking water supply and renewable energy and energy efficiency related to pumps.

Marije van den Broek MSc & PhD

WASH expert

Anthropologist and human geographer by training. Within PRACTICA working on the overall management of rural water systems, focusing on long-term and reliable access to water, including (rural) water business models.

Martin Keijzer

Martin Keijzer, MSc


Hydrogeologist/Programme Manager. Martin has 30+ years of experience in WASH-projects, mainly in Africa and Asia, and by supporting projects from the Netherlands. His work is focused towards sustainability by involving and motivating the local population, government, private sector and NGOs to work together and solve the WASH-issues with support of the project. Also, the local stakeholders are prepared to continue the achieved results after the project period. Martin is supporting Practica as a volunteer.

Robert Vuik

Robert Vuik, BSc & MSc

Director of Operations

Director of Operations at PRACTICA. Worked for the last 12 years in the field of appropriate technology with a focus on East Africa and Asia. With his background in Human mechanical engineering and International water management he combines the fields to find sustainable solutions for challenging projects. He has placed a lot of efforts within the PRACTICA organisation on developing and managing capacity building programs to initiate innovations, scalable practices and new business concepts. He manages a highly motivated team of experts to bring the PRACTICA vision and its practical experiences and know-how to the sector.


Dolly Ratsimba

Dolly Ratsimba, MSc

Project engineer Sanitation

Project engineer Sanitation at PRACTICA. Dolly worked for the last 4 years in Madagascar and West Africa to provide technical support in the field of Sanitation. He contributed considerably to the development and promotion of affordable latrines that are more user-friendly and easier to manage, and established efficient and sustainable faecal sludge removal and treatment services. Dolly is involved in the Dutch Young Expert Program (YEP) Water and is the creator of the Malagasy sanitation social enterprise “Impact”.


Haja Serge Andriamaroandraina

Trainer and Field technician Madagascar

Specialist in the installation, monitoring and evaluation of water low cost technologies.
Involved with PRACTICA on the development and field testing of small diameter pump and the modification of pump sets running on kerosene, technical support to CARE in the introduction of small scale irrigation technologies in the South of Madagascar.


Manitrarivo Ramboaniaina

Water and Sanitation expert

Manitra is an hydraulic engineer who is well aware of the challenges in reaching sustainability in water and sanitation system. He joined the Practica team to share his knowledge on designing and building WASH structures. He has worked as a designer for water supply systems in eastern and south-eastern parts of Madagascar. He is also a manager for faecal sludge removal services and the main responsible for a number of family latrine construction initiatives in eastern Madagascar. Manitra currently participates in the Dutch Young Expert Programme (YEP Water).

Mboaraharinjaka Rasoamanambola

Mboaraharinjaka Rasoamanambola, MSc

WASH expert

WASH project engineer. Njaka studied Economy and Civil engineering and joined Practica following his passion for technology. He has gained valuable experience on the ground in rural areas and now participates in the Dutch Young Expert Program (YEP Water).

Njaka has contributed to a range of projects to professionalise the manual drilling sector in countries including Benin, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, and Uganda. In the Sanitation field he has been responsible for testing and improving fecal sludge emptying tools and training local service suppliers.

Njaka’s main skills are capacity building of local technicians and the development of new WASH technologies.


Vonjy Mavo Andriamaroandraina

Madagascar consultant

10 years of experience in steel construction, design and development of agricultural tools and water low cost technologies in Madagascar.
Involved with Practica on various project (FAO, UNICEF, CARE, MEDAIR) on the implementation of training session on the rota sludge (tool production and drilling method), the production of treadle pump and the installation of small scale irrigation technologies (spray, drip and californian system)

Xavier Gras

Xavier Gras, MSc

Country representative PRACTICA Madagascar

Xavier works over 10 years in the design and management of WASH projects with specific emphasis on low-cost solutions for water and sanitation. Since 2008 he has established fecal sludge management services in poor urban areas. The focus is on sustainability, addressing both technical and business challenges. With the Malagasy team, local stakeholders and the international sanitation network, Xavier is fully committed to develop a new generation of sanitation services for Madagascar and other African countries (Benin, Mali…).

Our Associates

Ebo Roek

Ebo Roek, BSc

Water Supply Expert

Mechanical Engineer, 40 years’ experience in drinking- and industrial water supply in Asia, Africa, South America and Western Europe, both with conventional and solar energy. I worked in research, design and construction of new installations and as a process engineer/account manager.

Henk Holtslag

Henk Holtslag

Smart Techs Expert

Now a free lance advisor, Henk has 25 years of experience in some 20 Smart Water Solutions like Rope pumps, manual drilling, groundwater recharge, water filters etc. He helps to start up SMART Centres to train local private sector in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and some 10 other countries.

Jackline Muturi

Jackline Muturi, MSc

Technical Expert, Smart Water for Agriculture Kenya

Jackline holds a first degree in Hydrology (Maseno University) and a Masters degree in Integrated Water Management (The University of Queensland, Australia). She is currently giving technical support to the SWA project in Kenya and represents PRACTICA Foundation. The focus of her activities is on identifying potential technologies for SME farmers in Kenya and supporting agro dealers and technology suppliers to improve on their enterprises and link them with potential SME farmers.

Jos Besselink

Jos Besselink, MSc

Mechanical engineer

Worked for twenty years in West Africa with the development and improvements of hand pumps, including research on PVC riser mains, design of fuel efficient stoves, and hand pump maintenance structures.

Martina Groenemeijer

Martina Groenemeijer, MSc

Customer Data Analyst

Customer Data Analyst at Futurepump Kenya. Recently graduated from Wageningen University in irrigation and drainage. Martina works with PRACTICA and the Kenyan Futurepump team to optimise the SF1 solar water pump and its supply/service chain. She is predominantly based in the field collecting key technical, social and economic data from Futurepump customers in Kenya. Previously Martina was involved in the implementation of a Community Water Management Pilot in the polder system of Bangladesh.

Nadine Kpondjo

Nadine Kpondjo, MSc

Water and Sanitation expert

As an environmentalist by training, Nadine has specialized herself in water and sanitation. Her main competences are in waste water management and value chain development while conserving the environment. She is an experienced consultant and used to work as a research engineer on projects for the National Water Institute of the UAC in Benin. To date Nadine works for Practica Foundation as a junior sanitation expert in the OMIDELTA programme in Benin (OMI means water). Her mission is to provide technical support to assure the quality of works in the programme. Key elements are to support Parakou town in the implementation of the Directorate Sanitation Plan (PDA) on waste water and faecal sludge; and to contribute to the elaboration of similar PDAs with two other towns in Benin.

Stephan Abric

Stéphan Abric, MSc

WASH expert

Senior Irrigation, Water and Sanitation specialist at PRACTICA. Worked for 20 years in West Africa to provide technical support in the development of appropriate water and sanitation technologies, solutions and services. He ensures the successful implementation of a portfolio of large projects for PRACTICA. Previously involved in the implementation of major projects on small scale irrigation (PPIP Niger, VISA Mauritania), Stephan is a key author and expert on the development of smallholder private irrigation in West Africa. He established and operated the PRACTICA office in Madagascar from 2005 till 2010.

Thies Timmermans

Thies Timmermans, MSc

Product Designer

Graduated in Industrial Design Engineering (MSc) at TU Delft. Expert in sustainable and social product development and social-cultural user research. Has extensive international experience in India, Kenya, Uganda, Surinam and more. Teaching at University of Delft, The Hague, Barcelona and Kampala. Currently working on S(p)eedkits and Solar Irrigation Pump.

youssouf diallo

Youssouf Diallo

Water and Energy specialist

Educational background in hydraulics and rural engineering and specialised in irrigation and drinking water management. 17 years of experience in irrigation and improving access to water and hygiene for rural communities. A particular focus on Californian irrigation systems, manual well drilling, and low-cost solar powered drinking water supply systems.

Our Board

Bart-Jan Kouwenhoven

Bart-Jan Kouwenhoven, MSC, MBA

Treasurer of the board

Bart-Jan is an experienced project director in infrastructure and mobility projects. He has worked on several complex multi-discipline tasks relating to water safety, railways and city and station development projects. Bart-Jan has a warm interest in “keeping feet on the ground” and endeavours to create a setting for people to work together.

Hans Aalderink

Hans Aalderink, MSc

Chairman of the Board

Chemical engineer, has over 30 years’ experience in water management both in the Netherlands as abroad. Worked on wetland restoration is East Africa (lake Victoria) and  on the implementation of EU water policies in Eastern Europe. Previously worked as an associate professor at the Wageningen University and has been a guest lecturer at IHE in Delft. At present working for the ARCADIS water division as head of the advisory group on Knowledge an Policy Advise. Is chairman of the Practica board since 2011

Valentin Post

Valentin Post, MSc & MBA

Secretary of the board

Valentin Post worked 20 years + in (financing) wastewater, sanitation and waste, is co-founder and driving force in FINISH programs in India and Kenya, in-depth experience with funders (government & private) and Public Private Partnerships.