Our History


The PRACTICA foundation started in 2001 as an initiative of a group of professionals working with low-cost technologies for water supply, irrigation and renewable energy in developing countries. The motivation to join forces as member of the foundation was a shared concern: Missed opportunities for sustainable rural development due to lack of knowledge about the most appropriate technologies. The mission of PRACTICA was to work on improving the livelihoods of the rural poor in developing countries by providing practical know-how and support about appropriate low-cost technologies.

To achieve this, the focus was on collecting best practices worldwide and dissemination of these practices. Simultaneously, new technologies were developed based on a clear need from the field.

The major strategic change in operations since PRACTICA was established in 2001, has been the increase in the number of countries where PRACTICA is active (especially in Africa) and the increase in the number of innovations we promote. To reach this, we work with public and private partners on the ground as well as on policy level and even more attention is being paid on systematic capacity building.