The mission of PRACTICA is poverty alleviation through dissemination of best practices and development and promotion of appropriate water and energy related technologies and services. Our activities are meant to directly contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

PRACTICA considers a technology appropriate if it can be produced and repaired locally, is affordable for the target group and can be made available through the local private sector.

With appropriate water and energy products and services that significantly improve livelihoods we aim to reach those who are situated at the very ‘bottom of the pyramid’, i.e. the vast population in the very low income brackets in developing countries.

In addition PRACTICA makes special efforts to influence policies – by familiarizing decision-makers (in national governments, in NGOs and in funding agencies) with the various low cost technological options and encouraging them to incorporate these in their programs.

PRACTICA has a number of principles:

The products and services that PRACTICA promotes should have a clear impact on poverty alleviation;
The products and services should not have a negative impact on environment in production or application;
Fine-tuning low cost appropriate products and services to the local context is essential;
Public sector and civil society has a large role in promoting appropriate technologies and services through capacity building and procurement under various programmes;
Sustainability is best assured if products and services are available through the local private sector.